Social Investigations or Parenting Plan Evaluations

During a dissolution of marriage or paternity proceeding, the court may be called upon to decide on a parenting plan or timesharing schedule when parents are unable to agree.  Florida law and Family Law Rules of Procedure allow a court to appoint a neutral professional to conduct a social investigation or parenting plan evaluation to aid the judge in determining the parenting plan or timesharing schedule in the children’s best interest.  Click on the links below to read Section 61.20, Florida Statutes, which addresses social investigations and Rule 12.363, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, which addresses parenting plan evaluations.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA are accomplished in representing clients whose cases involve all types of parenting plan and timesharing issues.

Section 61.20, Florida Statutes

Rule 12.363, Florida Fam. L. R. P.