Cyberspace Grandparenting Eases Divorce

Changes in the parents’ relationship can affect other family members’ relationships, particularly those between grandparents and grandchildren. Attached is an article providing suggestions on how to use technology to help maintain meaningful relationships for children who share time in multiple households. Sessums Black, PA’s attorneys stay abreast of current technological trends to assist their clients in facilitating healthy relationships for their children.

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Parental Responsibility

In 2008 Florida law changed replacing the term “custody” with “parental responsibility” and the term “visitation” with “timesharing.” Shared parental responsibility is favored under Florida law. When parents share parental responsibility, they jointly make major decisions affecting their children including education, religious upbringing, health care, and other matters not part of the child’s daily routine. Other types of parental responsibility include ultimate decision making and sole parental responsibility. Click on the link below to read a highlighted version of Section 61.13, Florida Statutes, which governs parental responsibility. Because each case is unique, Sessums Black, PA prides itself on providing personalized legal representation to all of its clients.

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Social Investigations or Parenting Plan Evaluations

During a dissolution of marriage or paternity proceeding, the court may be called upon to decide on a parenting plan or timesharing schedule when parents are unable to agree.  Florida law and Family Law Rules of Procedure allow a court to appoint a neutral professional to conduct a social investigation or parenting plan evaluation to aid the judge in determining the parenting plan or timesharing schedule in the children’s best interest.  Click on the links below to read Section 61.20, Florida Statutes, which addresses social investigations and Rule 12.363, Florida Family Law Rules of Procedure, which addresses parenting plan evaluations.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA are accomplished in representing clients whose cases involve all types of parenting plan and timesharing issues.

Section 61.20, Florida Statutes

Rule 12.363, Florida Fam. L. R. P.

Legislative Update

Florida’s 2012 legislative session has come to an end. The House and Senate bills proposing changes to, among other things, Florida’s laws governing alimony and equitable distribution did not pass. This means that there are currently no legislative changes to alimony or equitable distribution. Sessums Black, PA will continue to monitor all efforts to change laws affecting all aspects of marital and family law.

Parenting Coordinators/Parenting Facilitators

Each parent has a unique perspective and parenting style.  There are times when the distinct approaches create discord and the parents require help to settle their differences.  Alternative dispute resolutions exist for these parents.   For example, parenting coordinators or parenting facilitators are professionals trained in family dynamics and child development who assist parents in developing the skills necessary to successfully resolve short-term and long-term parenting disputes so children can enjoy a conflict-free environment in both households.  Below are links to more information on parent coordinators, parent facilitators, or available programs in Hillsborough, Pinellas, and Pasco Counties.  Sessums Black prides itself on providing individualized legal representation to clients who experience co-parenting issues.

6th Judicial Circuit 2008 Parenting Coordinators

6th Judicial Circuit Parenting Coordinators Flier

Separated Parents and Breastfeeding Baby

Parents sharing time with a child can be challenging and even more when the child is breastfed.  This article provides some suggestions on how to ensure both parents can enjoy time with a breastfed child.  Sessums Black, PA prides itself on providing excellent legal representation to clients who have children of all ages.

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Parenting and Divorce

Children are a precious resource.  To help preserve that irreplaceable resource, the Florida Bar published a pamphlet titled “Parenting and Divorce” which informs Florida’s citizens on Florida laws relating to parents’ duties to children and the development of parenting plans during dissolution of marriage proceedings.  Click on the link below for a copy of the pamphlet.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA are skilled at representing clients with parental responsibility and parenting plan issues in paternity and dissolution of marriage actions.

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