Digital Spying and Divorce in the Smartphone Age

With the advances of technology, changes in how people use technology and, consequently, changes in evidence in court cases. Click on the links below to read an article about how technology is being used by divorcing or separated couples and an article about what to do if spyware comes up in your relationship. The attorneys of Sessums Black provide high quality legal services by staying abreast of changes in the law and technology which may affect their clients or cases.

Digital Spying and Divorce in the Smartphone Age

What to do if Spyware Comes Up In Your Relationship

At the End of Your Case: How to Save Time, Money, and Future Litigation

The entry of a final judgment in a case may give a sense of conclusion, but typically there is additional work to be done to wrap up loose ends.  Click on the link below to read an article with things you should consider as your divorce case comes to an end.  The Attorneys of Sessums Black are experienced in providing high quality legal assistance in post-judgment matters.

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Florida adopts new Collaborative Law

On March 24, 2016, Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 967 titled “Collaborative Law Process Act” into law, making Florida the 14th state to offer Collaborative Divorce as an alternative to traditional litigation.  Collaborative Divorce is a method of reaching a resolution through cooperative strategies rather than adversarial techniques and court proceedings.  Although the attorneys at Sessums Black PA continue to practice and are experienced in the traditional litigation-based dissolution of marriage, they are also trained and experienced in handling matters through Collaborative Law. Florida’s new Collaborative Law Process Act and more about Collaborative Divorce are available by clicking the links below.

Collaborative Law Process Act (HB 967)

Collaborative Divorce

Exclusive Use and Possession of the Former Marital Home

There are times divorcing parties can agree, or the court can order, for one spouse to retain exclusive use and possession of the former marital home.  This can be done, among other things, to provide stability for a minor child or for another special purpose.  Click on the links below to read more.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA are skilled at representing clients facing issues relating to the exclusive use and possession of former marital residences.


Florida Bar Journal Fla. Stat. 61.075;  Duncan v. Duncan Ascherman v. Ascherman

Setoffs or Credits Upon Sale of Marital Home

Sometimes couples sell their jointly-owned house when they divorce.  Although the beginning presumption may be that the parties equally divide any sale proceeds, there are times when a party may be entitled to setoffs or credits.  Section 61.077, Florida Statutes, outlines the factors the court must consider when determining the issue of credits or setoffs in a final judgment dissolving a marriage.  Sessums Black, PA prides itself on providing superior legal representation to its clients facing issues relating to the sale of their marital homes.

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