Pending Family Law Legislation including Potential Alimony Reformation

Family law has been at the forefront of discussions during the current legislative session.  Senate Bill 718 has passed the Senate and is currently pending in the House of Representatives.  The bill, among other things, makes drastic changes to alimony, creates a rebuttable presumption of 50-50 timesharing, redefines lengths of marriages and how that impacts a request for alimony, creates a coverture fraction to compute the marital portion of appreciation of non-marital real estate for which marital funds were used to pay down a mortgage, outlines when issues may be bifurcated, and creates a schedule for applying for retroactive modification of previously entered alimony awards.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA pride themselves on staying abreast of the latest trends and changes in marital and family law.

Click here to read the version of the bill pending before the house as of April 18, 2013.