Happy Post-Divorce Holidays

The holiday season can be daunting for people who have recently ended a relationship.  Click on the link below for some suggestions on making the season merry as a newly single person.  Sessums Black, PA wishes everyone health, happiness, and joy throughout the holiday season.

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Utah Wife Posts Video Game-Obsessed Husband For Sale on Craigslist

Relationships can be challenging, particularly when one spouse’s hobby interferes with his or her quality time with the other spouse.  Click on the link below to read about the extreme step one wife took to vie for her husband’s attention.  Sessums Black, PA prides itself on providing superior legal representation to clients whose marriages have become irreconcilably neglected.

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Divorce Over 50: 3 Mistakes to Avoid

A recent study reported that the divorce rate for persons over 50 has doubled.  For spouses who are in their 50s and above, making a financial misstep during a dissolution of marriage proceeding may greatly impact financial security during retirement.  Click on the link below to read an article discussing three topics persons divorcing later in life should consider.  As each person’s financial circumstances are unique, it is always best to consult with a licensed marital and family law attorney and a qualified tax advisor prior to making any decisions.   The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA are well-informed of the financial considerations their clients of all ages should make during a dissolution of marriage.

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5 Financial Mistakes that Ruin Your Marriage

Regardless of economic conditions, some things remain constant, like, for example, money serving as a source of friction in marriages.  The article below explores five areas where money commonly creates marital discord.  Sessums Black PA’s attorneys are skilled in assisting clients whose financial differences with their spouses have become irreparable.

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2011 Cup of Hope Tea Party

On November 5, 2011, Office Administrator Mimi S. Young, as Secretary of the Suncoast Chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators, volunteered at the 2011 Cup of Hope Tea Party to benefit Bay Area Legal Services and victims of domestic violence.  Bay Area Legal Services is a nonprofit, public interest law firm that provides civil legal assistance to low-income residents in the Tampa Bay region.

Cup of Hope Brochure

Association of Legal Administrators

Will Money Destroy Your Marriage?

Communication regarding finances can be tricky waters to navigate.  Even so, recent surveys have shown that, while a majority of spouses spend money without their partners’ knowledge, the financial dishonesty has affected their relationships.  Sessums Black, PA’s attorneys are experienced in representing clients when financial deception or dissipation has irreconcilably impaired the marriage.

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Financial Division during Divorce

A divorce can have a large impact on, among other things, a person’s finances.  Florida law calls the division of the marital estate “equitable distribution.”  Throughout a dissolution of marriage, it is important to look towards the future and work towards ensuring financial stability as a single person.  Below are articles that discuss some practical items to consider during the equitable distribution process.   Before any actions are taken regarding any financial matters, it is always best to first consult with an attorney.  Each person’s case is individual and all the recommendations in these articles may not apply.  These articles are provided as lists of possible topics to consider and discuss with a licensed marital and family law attorney.  Sessums Black, PA believes in individualized representation because each client’s financial situation is unique and the attorneys strive to provide clients with top quality legal representation throughout the dissolution of marriage proceedings.

6 Money Tips for Late in Life Divorces

7 Steps to Protect Your Assets When Leaving an Abusive Marriage