Announcement – Office Manager Bill Murphy Anniversary

On February 28, 2014, Office Manager Bill Murphy celebrated one year of exceptional service with Sessums Black, PA.  Congratulations, Bill!

When an Ex-Spouse Attempts to Get Your Credit Report

People typically share confidential and sensitive information with spouses and paramours.  When couples separate or divorce, that personal information may be misused.  Click on the link below to read an article by the Experian credit reporting agency about what can be done if a former confidant, like a former spouse, attempts to retrieve your credit report.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA strive to be responsive to their clients and sensitive to the clients’ unique needs.

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Same Sex Marriage Movement and Debate in the Press

Conflict or uncertainty in the law creates disputes and challenges.  The question of same-sex marriage has frequently appeared in the headlines as of late.  Click on the links below to read four recent articles about the legal issues and questions same sex marriage has raised.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA stay abreast of current legal issues to provide their clients from all types of relationships with top-quality legal representation.

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Read MoreGay-Marriage Battle Moves South, And Religious Right Fights Back

Read More Oregon Won’t Defend State’s Ban on Gay Marriage

Read More Virginia’s Same-Sex Marriage Ban is Ruled Unconstitutional

Worsening U.S. Divorce Rate Points to Improving Economy

Recent trends are showing birth rates and divorce rates on the rise which are indicative if an improving economy.  Click on the link below to read an article about the phenomenon.  Sessums Black, PA dedicates itself to professional and high quality legal services for clients facing all types of family law issues.

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Removing ex-spouse’s name from your credit report

It is not uncommon for there to be follow-up tasks to be completed after a divorce is finalized.  One of those items may be to update a credit report to reflect the change in marital status.  Click on the link below to read an article by the Experian credit reporting agency about how to remove a former spouse’s name from your credit report.  Sessums Black, PA strives to be worthy of its clients complete confidence by staying abreast of issues relevant to their unique situations.

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Announcement – Attorney Jennifer Ficarrotta member of rules subcommittees

Attorney Jennifer Ficarrotta, as a member of the Florida Bar Rules Committee, has been appointed to serve on two subcommittee:  one studying Florida Rule of Family Law Procedure 12.285 (mandatory disclosure) and the other exploring contempt in family law proceedings for non-support matters.  Congratulations, Jennifer!

Walking Down The Widening Aisle Of Interracial Marriages

The 2010 census reveals that one in ten marriages between opposite-sex couples is between a husband and wife of differing races or ethnicities.  This represents a 28% increase since 2000.  Click on the link below to read a report about the growing trend of interracial marriages.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA strive to stay abreast of all types of trends that may affect, influence, or involve their clients.

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Divorce and Credit

Obtaining a divorce oftentimes does not affect contractual agreements for loans, credit cards, lines of credit, or other liabilities.  Click on the link below to read two articles published by the Experian credit reporting agency about some credit-related challenges divorce may present.  Sessums Black, PA believes in individualized representation because each client’s situation is unique.


Announcement – Valentine’s Day Celebration

On February 6, 2014, Sessums Black, PA celebrated Valentine’s Day.  Click HERE to view pictures.  Sessums Black, PA wishes everyone a Valentine’s Day filled with happiness, friendship, and love.

Save the date – Florida Bar Seminar on Evidence on March 7, 2014

Attorneys Caroline Black Sikorske  and Alex Caballero will be speaking at the Florida Bar Family Law Section Seminar on March 7, 2014 in Orlando, Florida entitled “Evidence:  A Family Law Practitioner’s Winning Game Plan.”  Caroline will speak about how to choose, organize and present evidence.  Alex will speak on digital and electronic evidence issues.  The seminar is scheduled from 8:45 am to 4:00 pm and will have other great presenters discussing evidence issues in family law practice.  If you are interested in getting more information about the seminar or attending the seminar click HERE.

Four steps you can take if you think your credit or debit card data was hacked

Unfortunately, credit troubles are not unheard of in today’s society.  Click on the link below to read a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau article with four suggestions on steps you can take if you think your credit or debit card information has been compromised.  The attorneys of Sessums Black, PA pride themselves on staying abreast of issues that may arise in family law proceedings.

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Credit Reports and Divorce

It is not unusual for a couple’s finances to become intertwined during a marriage often resulting in challenges while untangling those finances during a divorce.  A divorced or divorcing person may want to consider ordering his or her credit report(s) to ensure all liabilities or debts have been appropriately divided or otherwise addressed.  Click on the link below to read more about credit reports, their importance, and how to order them.  Sessums Black, PA prides itself on offering personalized and high-quality legal services to its clients to help them address their various family law issues.

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