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Jennifer Ficarrotta Quoted in Florida Bar News Article

The Florida Bar News recently published a story about the Marital and Family Law Certification Committee’s consideration of a request to include collaborative law questions on the annual family law certification exam. SBCF Shareholder Jennifer Ficarrotta chairs the committee and is supportive of including the material, but the request came too late for the March 2021 family law certification exam. Jennifer, whose practice includes collaborative law, said she doesn’t see a problem including the subject on the 2022 exam: “We could have drafted it [collaborative questions] on the test, but it isn’t already part of the study materials. We wanted to be as transparent as possible for studying.” Twenty former Florida Bar Family Law Section chairs, including SBCF Shareholder Caroline Black Sikorske, signed the petition to include collaborative law questions on the certification exam.
Jennifer A. Ficarrotta